Hybrid Commerce.

The Future of eCommerce.

Targeting both customers and companies is cool but running two different platforms for B2C and B2B is costly and takes up much time and effort to be handled?

For business-to-business eCommerce companies that are looking for a way to reach customers or those business-to-customer companies that want to level up and sell to other companies, you can do both soothingly with a B2C/B2B hybrid eCommerce platform.

Hybrid Commerce is a platform-independent eCommerce portal to serve both local & global customers to have the online business. For further information please visit This Link.


Web (Responsive)


Product Stratege

UI UX Design

Interaction Design


Responsive Web Design

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Brand Identity

The $1.5 Billion Opportunity

Conventional thinking in spirits eCommerce has focused on simple product search and price comparison shopping. By deeply analyzing the discovery and purchase journeys of consumers around the world, we were able to create an experience which capitalizes on the complex and disparate ways in which spirits are discovered, selected, and ultimately purchased.




Product and Brand Definition

After a series of Design Thinking sessions, we set out to design a responsive eCommerce experience which allows for product discovery and purchase through a novel and personalized approach. We created a representative brand, Alchemy, which was named to reflect the platform’s tailored approach to product recommendations.

Unique Taste Profile.

Alchemy embraces the myriad of nuances in consumer spirit preferences, and seeks to identify them through an easy-to-use, interactive survey experience. The tool algorithmically classifies customers into digital personas and presents personalized drink recommendations, thereby helping customers discover the perfect beverages made for them – be it an old classic or a new favorite.

Future Proofing

Derived from comprehensive user insights and survey research from 2,500 individuals on behavioral patterns, purchasing patterns, and lifestyle preferences, Alchemy is an eCommerce experience that capitalizes on the customer needs of today while preparing retailers for the changing landscape of tomorrow.

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The Future of eCommerce.


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