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What does Digital Transformation mean to you?

Hybrid IT Solution & Services research shows that nearly 30% of companies will not survive this decade due to a lack of alignment with how customers define value in the digital age. The COVID pandemic and sustained recession only change customer behavior even more, while technology accelerates disruption.

While every business and IT leader knows and feels the urgency, the #1 challenge they face is of understanding what digital transformation means to them specifically and then correctly in a high resource-constrained environment.

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Digital Transformation is the reimagination of an organization's product or services portfolio of every function and the reinvention of its value chain into a stakeholder experience chain.

Simplify Digital Evolution with the Power of Transformation Research and 1.5 million Data Points

Hybrid IT Solution & Services has collected data on digital transformations from business and IT leaders across 5,000 plus companies of all revenue segments from 20 industries. We understand how businesses are evolving based on the Digital IQ of leaders, the relevance of portfolios, business model & process digitalization, use of cloud, cybersecurity, and modern organizational cultures. Our approach is data-driven.

Our data tells us the only 7% of companies worldwide are transforming successfully and we call them Digital Champions. We will help you understand where you are and evolve across this continuum to regain relevance, confidence, growth and control over the direction of your business. No jargon, hype or confusing presentations- just plain data driven best practices of successful leaders, practical domain experience and technology implementation excellence.

We walk the talk- Clients partner with us from Strategy through Implementation and Results

Our approach covers the life cycle of the digital evolution of a business or technology function and leverages the power of traders for analytics-driven prioritization, roadmap development, technology selection, and process digitalization.

We partner with clients across the following areas:

Competitive Digital Maturity Benchmarking.

Digital Transformation Strategy, Prioritization & Roadmap Development.

Customer and Business Applications Experience Design.

Digital Technology selection & implementation- Cloud, Analytics, Digitization, Infrastructure & Cyber security.

Digital Leadership & Change Management.

We have been rated #1 by our clients in delivering measurable business impact from digital transformation initiatives and predictability in execution- 4 years in a row.

Our Functional Focus

Digital transformation is an imperative across the enterprise, and we are focused on the #1 challenge for businesses today- reinventing value propositions, gaining customer confidence, and driving predictable growth. Our data shows that this takes place by focusing on select business functions and the transformation of the human capital of an organization. We partner with clients in the following business functions.


Influence the evolution of product portfolios by understanding customers and redefining value with a data-driven approach.


Drive revenue growth across all channels with integrated, digitalized processes and a predictive infrastructure for Sales Ops.


Influence retention, satisfaction, and renewals with a life cycle experience view of customers.


Reposition Finance as the chief influencer of your company’s reinvention, repositioning, and rejuvenation.

Human Capital Management

Technology does not make digital transformations successful- people do.

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